Main Character Info Edit

Name Tokichi
Gender Male
Type Ninja
Max Evolution Levels 1
Attack Angle 0° (Straight)
Attack Interval (s) 1.6
Sp Attack Interval (s) N/A

Evolution Level 1 Edit



General Stats Edit

Rarity SR
Description A precious component that a certain G.W. needs to evolve itself.
Max Level 1
Attack Range 310
Special Attack Range 0

Level Specific Stats Edit

Base Max
Hit Points 2000 -2147483648
Attack Power 200 -2147483648
Knockback Power 3 NaN
Special Attack Power 0 0
Sale Price 5000 -2.147484E+09

Evolution Info Edit

Next Evolution Materials
Next Evolution Cost
Material For Oboro Murasaki(1F), Tropical Bunny(1F), Apron-Ver.B.Cat(1F), Amakusa(2F), Amakusa(3F), Ranmaru(3F), Kiryuu(2F), Kiryuu(3F), Sakuya(2F), Zhang Fei(2F), Setsuna(1F), Nobunaga(2F), Nobunaga(3F)

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